Welcome to Rob Ford’s la-la-land. He’s been caught on tape smoking crack and for half a year now he’s been slowly losing it with ass grabbing scandals, alcoholism scandals, gang associations, an ominous murder, extortion, and drugs.

So it obviously makes sense that RoFo wouldn’t think twice about calling in to a radio show in defense of himself while pretending to be some schlub from the hood. I mean, his office has done something almost exactly like that before, and it must be difficult to see yourself and political career (not to mention personal life) imploding like the Hindenburg — and the dude was in serious need of a scrap of good press before taking the kids out trick-or-treating, right?

The #TOpoli twitterati are somewhat inclined to think it is the other brother in the Ford clan, Randy, who would still be lying about his identity, but the caller’s behaviour is very much in line with someone caught with their hand in a cookie jar after he is called out as Mayor Ford by the host.

Listen below and let us know what you think. Is this Rob Ford calling into a radio show with a fake name?

Do you think this is Rob Ford?


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