Budget numbers:

City of Toronto budget summary 2009.

City of Toronto budget summary 2010.

City of Toronto budget summary 2011.

City of Toronto budget summary 2012.

City of Toronto budget summary 2013.


The #BillionDollarLie

At this point we all know that Rob Ford lied about smoking crack, but what about the bigger lie that he has been perpetuating for the better part of the summer?

The facts are in plain numbers within the City of Toronto’s budget summaries – not only did Rob Ford have a 1.548 billion dollar spending increase since he became mayor, the city budget ballooned 1.458 billion dollars this year alone. How did Ford manage to save a billion while spending went up a billion and a half?

Rob Ford was elected on his mandate of saving taxpayers money. We can see that his personal life has greatly overtaken his work at City Hall, and his lying doesn’t seem to be stuck to his personal life. Steadfast Ford supporters be warned: the one thing you thought you could count on him to do, he can’t.

Check out the numbers from the City’s budget summaries above and share out the #BillionDollarLie infographic.




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  1. You need to redo your math, or learn to read better.

    if we compare the city reported Tax Supported Operating Budget numbers, they are:

    2011: $9.383
    2012: $9.390
    2013: $9.433

    It’s certainly true that the Mayor has lied about ‘saving a billion dollars’, but you should report the real numbers. Or you’re no better than he is.

    • That’s the legacy the Ford Nation wants to leave, but sadly their leader won’t share such. His legacy is one of deception and entitlement. The Ford brothers are the best examples I’ve yet seen of people being victims of their own childish and vindictive reactions. You can sum up Rob and Doug Ford’s legacy in 4 letters, lies.

    • Scott Snider Reply

      “Tax supported”-does that mean that money from other sources (such as reserve funds normally held against “Rainy Day” contingencies are not included in the total?

    • Andrew Kinsman Reply

      The 2013 numbers are not set, as you well know, and will likely be far higher than the Operating Budget numbers. The projections for savings every year from that estimation are notoriously erroneous. Fiscal responsibility is a goal mentioned by all politicians, but Ford has fudged every number in his favour, and greatly exaggerated his successes. Coupled with the blatant lies, it is absolutely correct to call him out on it.

      Further, his dismissal of funds already spent or committed to being used should be included in judging his performance, as well as the tragic wastes of money pointed out by other commenters here. I very much doubt the 10.858 billion figure above is out of line, and your offer of 9.433 billion is extremely conservative.

      • “The City of Toronto’s Council approved the 2013 Tax Supported Operating Budget on January 16, 2013 and the Rate Supported Operating Budget on November 29, 2012.
        “The Tax Supported gross Operating Budget is $9.433 billion which is 87 per cent of total expenditures, while the Rate Supported Programs comprises the remaining $1.425 billion or 13 per cent of the gross Operating Budget. The Rate Supported Programs consist of Toronto Water Services, Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Parking Authority.


        Admittedly we haven’t seen the final real numbers for 2013, and certainly the 2014 budget is going to be interesting.

  2. It’s great that someone’s finally getting some realistic numbers out, but unless you get this in The Sun, or other Ford nation media sources it won’t reach the people it really needs to.

  3. and that is just the city budget where money has been wasted, he has also tossed out 100s of millions of dollars in research and collaboration that was done for #TransitCity he has wasted money on removing bike infrastructure.

    #RobFord has delayed billions in transfers to the city of Toronto for transit infrastructure, and cost the business of Toronto countless millions or billions in perpetuating grid lock and so on, and so on…

    History will record that this #FauxPopulist has been the most wasteful mayor of the city in it’s entire history.

    with the misspelled billboard not spelling ‘responsiblity’ (sic) properly it’s truly ironic that the billboard was trying to perpetuate the lie of Rob Ford being fiscally responsible when in fact there never has been a more irresponsible Mayor in Toronto’s history.

    We don’t need to get rid of Rob Ford for his ostentasous arrogance, his hate of the gay community or marginalised citizens of Toronto alone, Rob Ford give us good reasons to never see this city have such an irresponsible mayor like him again…

    Perhaps a lesson in remaining vigilant for Rich Suburban Elites who would pretend that fighting against building the city of Toronto is a lark that tries to pretend to save money is how you manage a social enterprise for the benefit of all citizens.

    We need someone who has vision, who has a holistic view of systems integration and an ability to work with people to build and design a city for the 22nd century and beyond..



  4. How much of those expenditures are commitments from the previous administration?

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