Police in possession of Ford crack video

Politics in Toronto took another dramatic turn into the personal life of Mayor Rob Ford today with the release of documents surrounding the arrest of known drug dealer, criminal, and Ford associate Sandro Lisi along with the bombshell that Toronto Police Services have in their possession a copy of the now infamous video wherein Mayor Ford is seen smoking what appears to be crack cocaine and uttering homophobic and racist remarks.

Half a year after the explosive revelations about Ford’s activities with illegal drugs came to light as a result of the journalistic work of The Star’s Robyn Doolittle  and Kevin Donovan along with Gawker’s John Cook the public has been made aware of the TPS surveillance of Ford and Lisi through warrants used in the arrest of Lisi.

When leaving his house this morning Ford confronted a swarm of reporters shouting for them to get off of his property and shoving a photographer.

This afternoon a press conference was held by Police Chief Bill Blair to field questions regarding the warrants, surveillance, and other matters to do with Lisi and Ford. It was at this press conference that he confirmed to reporters that TPS was in possession of a video recovered from a hard drive that depicted what had been described in the media, effectively confirming that Rob Ford was caught on video smoking an illicit substance and uttering bigoted remarks.

Ford held a short press conference outside of his office, which was decorated for Halloween as a haunted house where he told reporters “I think everybody has seen the allegations against me today. I wish I could come out and defend myself, unfortunately I can’t, ’cause it’s before the court and that’s all I can say right now.”

Ford then said he had to go return phone calls and exited City Hall shortly afterwards.

The evidence recovered by Toronto Police has vindicated the reporters who worked tirelessly on this story and had been accused by Ford allies of fabricating the story as part of a smear campaign.

Sarah Thomson, CEO and Publisher of Women’s Post and also Chair of the Transit Alliance has come forward to offer her sympathies to the Ford family and remind Torontonians that the repercussions of Ford’s drug use are far reaching and could be responsible for the grope she experienced at the hands of Ford in the spring, before the details of the crack video surfaced.

Thomson had suggested that she thought Ford was under the influence of drugs at the event held by the Canadian Jewish Public Affairs Committee.

“My sympathy goes out to the family of Mayor Ford. It is not easy for a family to deal with a loved one experiencing problems with drugs and addiction. In light of recent developments surrounding his troubles with substance abuse I can’t help but think that his drug issue played a role in his behaviour on the evening of the CJPAC event where he groped me inappropriately and without consent. I hope that this renewed media spotlight on his drug and personal problems will encourage him to seek the help he so desperately needs.”

Sarah Thomson
CEO & Publisher of Women’s Post
Chair of the Transit Alliance

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