A picture of Martin Richard, the youngest Boston bombing victim, hangs near the Boston Marathon finish line. He will be forever remembered not only on the baseball field but in the many hearts from around the world.

Looking at Martin Richard’s photo hanging at the memorial placed near the Boston Marathon finish line shows a cheerful boy holding a sign that read his name: Martin. The 8-year-old boy was waiting near the finish to see his dad, Bill, cross the finish line.

In a blink of an eye, the scene changed from a celebration of health and fitness to an act of terrorism. Among the three killed was Martin by a second explosive that went off near the finish. The explosives also seriously injured his 43-year-old mother Denise and his 7-year-old sister Jane.

Martin’s life was taken away by such a terrible tragic event, but his spirit lives on. Last Saturday, April 27, was opening day for  the Savin League Baseball team and paid tribute to Martin. What would have been a day of celebration for Martin’s first baseball game of the season with the Rangers was instead a celebration of his life. At McConnell field in Boston, family, friends, the Dorchester community and the Savin Hill Little League honoured this little boy who should have been either a pitcher or first baseman wearing his dark blue uniform hat, but instead his number 8 jersey was being remembered.


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