By Nicola Burrows

There has been a long-standing stereotype that has haunted boxed wine. Some suggest that it’s cheap, low quality and dissatisfying to the taste buds. In reality, when the characteristics of boxed wine are compared with those of bottled wine, the stereotype doesn’t prove to be true.

These words may conjure up images of drinking back in college. Oh, how times have changed. Today, chic packaging has made cardboard the new “it” product for thinking inside the box. As one of the fastest growing segments of the wine industry, high-quality boxed wines are getting attention. Australia has led the way since the majority of wine Down Under is sold in boxes. Now people are getting hip to the idea that good wine can come in something other than a bottle.

Boxed wines make a trip to the beach a breeze. They’re your answer. Not only are wine boxes ideal for big gatherings, they are environmentally friendly, with some reducing waste by nearly 90 percent of the equivalent bottle.

Convenience is also a factor. Bag in box technology, which is used in many boxed wines, allows the wine to stay fresh for up to four weeks. As the wine is consumed, the bag collapses. This, along with an airtight spigot to pour, keeps oxygen from getting in to ruin the wine. No more worries about what to do with leftover bottles.

Box sizes have also gone creative. Instead of the standard five litre size, higher quality boxes have reduced their size. Most range from three litre down to one litre, containing just over a standard size 750ml bottle.  There are even mini boxes that hold enough for a single glass of wine.

So if going green, drinking affordably and having fun while sipping interest you, then it’s time to reach for a box. You just might like what you taste.


Most people bring bottles of wine to a variety of events like outdoor parties, holiday celebrations and birthday parties. Boxed wines eliminate the risk of breaking a bottle and are also more insulated, causing the wine to stay colder longer.

Fresh Factor

Most wine enthusiasts will tell you that a bottle of wine is best when finished a day or two after opening it. This is not the case with boxed wine. The bag inside the box stays airtight around the wine as it is dispensed, and boxed wine will stay fresh for about four weeks after opening.

Reducing Waste

When it comes to the environment, it is important to recycle our waste. One box of wine reduces the amount of waste produced by 90 percent when compared to one bottle of wine.


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