I started on a ‘Social Journey’, and then let you all down by taking an extending vacation.  Why?  Social Media can be all consuming. No matter what site, the goal is to get people to ‘like’ the contributor and commit to receiving regular updates on what is shared.  The more people collected the better.  But what if I’m not witty and brilliant every day?

Previously for Women’s Post, I wrote the following articles:

  1. Going social – My epiphany
  2. Adventures in blogging – Build it and they will come
  3. Adventures in blogging – Does this make sense?
  4. The push and pull of blog promotion: Part 1
  5. The push and pull of blog promotion: Part 2


I am a creative, experienced business professional and writer – surely I can come up with more to talk about. I began to question my lengthy list of story ideas. Did I complete enough due diligence and vetting of the sources and details to feel comfortable writing about what I had learned?  Do I really have enough to say that people will appreciate?  I was letting ‘old school’ principles creep in.  Maybe I don’t need to dot every ‘i’ or cross each ‘t’ to have something interesting to share.

I recently reminded myself of two things:

  1. Followers on Women’s Post and my own JustMomSensations.com blog told me they enjoyed my honest approach to navigating Social Media – and even followed up individually with specific questions and requests for analyses of their own work.
  2. Social Media (SM) experts do not exist – it moves too fast.  The keys are to be open to new ideas and find a few SM enthusiasts that seem to make sense, and then do something.

Here I am “doing something”.  I no longer have five to six hours to invest daily to collect people on SM.  Instead, I will dedicate some of my free time to sharing and learning with people who seem like minded or find curiosity in areas I also choose to explore.

Come back on board with me.  It may be a bumpy ride but it only takes one tidbit of knowledge to help one of us along the way.  What have you learned lately?



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