Life hasn’t been any less busy the past couple of weeks. I spent five days in Winnipeg and as of today I’ve been working for 13 days straight — and then there was that business with How I Met Your Mother, which basically destroyed me emotionally for a day and a half. I’m feeling the same-city-long-distance bug again and I’ve gone from frustrated to irritated to tearful and back again several times in the past couple of weeks (although I’m still blaming the tears on How I Met Your Mother, seriously).

So I’ve decided to be plan girl. I’m going to fill up our summer months with things to look forward to, weekends away when I’m not travelling for work, cottages, beaches and if everything goes my way jet-ski races. With a lot of work travel in the summer months I have to plan everything if I ever want to see Boyfriend for a substantial amount of time and that’s what I’m doing. It may sound crazy to plan everything out for the next four months of my life but I love summer and after the drama of last year I plan to make this summer as fantastic as possible and Boyfriend is a huge part of that.

I miss when love could be beautifully spontaneous and there was always time for a date, when my calendar wasn’t so full that I had to schedule time to eat and breathe, when getting a night to myself was a weekly rather than monthly occasion but that isn’t the life I’m living anymore. I’m twenty-six, successful, completely in love and so exhausted I stare blankly at my barista before realizing that it’s my turn to order.

Sometimes we have to put our relationship second, but by putting our relationship second we’re putting each other first

When Boyfriend and I first started dating, he’d spend days on end at my house and whenhe wasn’t sleeping over he’d meet me most nights after work. It’s amazing how life can change in just a year and a half. That’s what I signed on for, though. I found a man who respects my dedication to my work and he found a woman who would respect his, and as a result we sometimes have to put our relationship second. But by putting our relationship second we’re putting each other first, I care more about Boyfriend being happy and successful than I do about seeing him every other day and he cares more about my dreams than he does about spending Saturday mornings in bed together.

We’re in the latter half of our twenties and it just isn’t time to slow down at work, Boyfriend wants to have a TV show on the air within the next couple of years and I plan to run social at an agency before I’m thirty, I want to finish my book and start a travel blog. With big dreams come big sacrifices but having someone who supports you even from a not-so-far-away-distance is priceless and one of my favourite things about our relationship.



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