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Mayor Miller saved more $ than Rob Ford

Since the crack scandal around Rob Ford came to light journalists across Toronto have started to investigate Mr. Ford’s claim of $1Billion in savings to the tax payers, and have found that there too Mr. Ford has lied, twisting the facts in an attempt to gain voters. Perhaps the most shady of Mr. Ford’s claims is that charging user fees on pools and recreation centres are somehow “savings” to the tax payer when they are in fact simply a shift from one way of paying for the service to another.

In an attempt to point out the fraudulent math, Councillor Shelley Carroll has used Mr. Ford’s same calculations on Mayor Millers record demonstrating the Mayor Miller saved far more than Mr. Ford.

Mayor Miller

– $426 million Mayor Miller got the Province to upload social services

– $492 in waste managment (came out of the budget and made it a user fee)

– $30 million other user fees

– $92 Million in efficiency management

– $174.1 garbage liability sick leave savings

– $31 million in saved payroll costs

– $443.7 million cost reductions caused by efficiencies

Total: $1.688 Billion in “savings”


Rob Ford

$173 million on Licence Registration fee

$ 400 million cost reduction through efficiency

Total: $573 Million in “savings”