The Instant Cure To Resting B*tch Face

Resting B*tch Face (RBF) is a syndrome many women (and Kanye West) have. It’s a condition in which their natural expression mirrors that of a b*tch; someone who is continuously unhappy, almost angry. However, let it be known that those who suffer from RBF don’t always feel angry and unhappy. In fact, they are actually very likeable people. Although the condition may seem incurable, there is actually a small change to your lifestyle that can help fix this problem. If you or a loved one is suffering from RBF, follow this tip to ensure fast and effective relief from this unfortunate condition:


How many times a day do you stop to smile? Bring a curve to those lips you so lovingly line, plump, and fill in with your favourite lipstick every morning. It can be about something tiny like a cute kid on the public transit or nothing at all. Smile because when that kid starts to cry, it’s not you that has to make them stop.

Your face can start to feel stiff after holding it in one, expressionless state for so long. Smiling will help loosen your muscles, make you feel happier, and genuinely bring a much needed boost to your day. After all, your mind is always full of thoughts, remembrances, and conversations. From your date with your significant others, yesterday’s girls night out, or that cat video you saw – again. You don’t have to be by yourself to get lost in your thoughts and smile about them.

Nowadays, we’re too focused on ”making time for ourselves” that we don’t realize that we are always, in fact, with ourselves. You don’t need to plan a date and pencil yourself into your appointment book (or Google Calendar, because 2015) to spend time with yourself.

Unless you’re in a new relationship and still working your way through your honeymoon phase, there is a good chance that you’re alone at least 10% of your day. Even then, why wouldn’t being in your honeymoon phase make you smile? You should be giddy, if anything. Whether you’re on the subway, on your way to work, in your office, or sneaking cake from the fridge at 2 in the morning, there is always something to smile about.

Just simply looking up and openly seeing the world you continually speed-walk through will make appreciating the small things become second nature. Your smiling senses will tingle all the time, revealing sights, sounds you previously ignored. Put your phone in your bag when you walk down the sidewalk today. Bet you never noticed those flowers before, did you?

Learning to appreciate the small things in life is a gift which we all posses but often gets left in the our bedrooms with our flat screen TV, Netflix accounts, and your favourite Flawless t-shirt. Make that Flawless t-shirt your wardrobe staple. Own that t-shirt. Live that t-shirt. Don’t wear Flawless. BE Flawless.

In a pencil skirt and dress shirt? Flawless. On your way to the part-time gig that helps pay your tuition? Flawless. Unemployed but still hanging on? Flawless. Although nothing can compete with a fluffy blanket and Netflix, make every part of your life help you enjoy the little things. Only then will you gain the constant ability to find genuine happiness in your everyday life. Your ‘Resting B*tch Face’ will suddenly become your ‘Yaaas B*tch Yaaas’ face.

Smiling. Talk to your doctor self and try it today.

Dosage: For adults and children 1 day of age and older, the recommended dose of smiling is all day, everyday, not to be exceeded at funerals, Remembrance Day, and dentist appointments. Side effects of smiling may include enjoyment, sensations of happiness, and an overall betterment of life.