I’m taking back my lunch.

Every day, I have what has become a largely accepted phenomenon in the corporate business world: the working lunch.  It’s an odd term really, because the working lunch accomplishes neither one of the tasks that its name hints at. Any work accomplished is mediocre at best, if not completely nonsensical on account of my incessant hunger pains, and any vending machine lunch I manage to put together is hardly edible.  And, I’m not alone.

According to recent research, increased work pressure and longer hours are resulting in nearly a third of all nine to fivers not stopping to take a proper lunch.  25-percent of those asked admitted that they only took a lunch break if their work load allowed for it.

I’ve been thinking about how much more productive I would be if I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and take my lunches.  How much less stressed would I be? How much more relaxed and focus would I be? It’s so incredibly well documented that eating a healthy lunch and stepping away from the pressures of a work day for just a few minutes can improve not only the quality of your work, but also the quality of your life, even affecting things like life expectancy. There are countless benefits to adopting this new (old?) mindset in the workplace, and I intend on taking full advantage of it.

I’m going to plan my lunches – well balanced, healthy, and delicious little concoctions that will brighten up my day just thinking of them. I might even write myself little notes of inspiration: “Go get em, tiger!” (I’ll of course have time to think of something way more clever and inspiring.)

And if we’re in double digit degrees, I’m going to find a tree and eat outside, in the sunshine. I’m going to drag my colleagues out of their offices and force them to eat with me, and we will all hum a happy tune as we skip back into the office ready to take on the rest of the work day.

I’m making a pledge to myself to take care of all aspects of me, and that includes work-me. I’m making every effort to boost my own efficiency and morale, and hopefully the efficiency and morale of those around me. No more chocolate bars and sodas for me; I’m taking my lunch back.


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