I’ve rebelled against Mr. Ford since the 2010 election campaign. The campaign for mayor lasted nearly 10 months for me. I was one of the top 5 candidates, and in the top 3 at one point in the race. The days were long, usually starting at 7am and running until midnight. From events, to rallies, debates and social functions the top 5 candidates saw one another almost every day and often more than once in a day.

Over time a sense of respect develops amongst the candidates. Respect for each other, for the strengths you see in another, for the way most of them answered questions honestly.

Unfortunately that respect never developed between Rob Ford and myself. He would never look me in the eye and his handshake was limp, often soggy. I couldn’t believe the way he twisted the truth during the campaign. Suggesting he could pay for subways with government efficiencies (ignoring the huge debt we must pay down). Or suggesting he would get rid of the land transfer tax, and lower taxes. He made more fake promises than I could count, and the public seemed to lap it up.

It takes ignorance and a lack of self-respect to peddle such absolute bullshit, and Mr. Ford possesses both. But it takes true arrogance to continue to peddle the bullshit for 3 years following the campaign without delivering on your promises. And it is this arrogance that lost my respect for him from those early days of the 2010 campaign.

I am not sure if he thinks people are stupid enough to believe that he saved Toronto $1Billion; or if he simply knows that repetition builds belief and facts take longer to come out? But there are still people in Toronto who believe that Rob Ford has not raised taxes (they have increased by 4.5% since 2010). There are people who aren’t aware that the city operating budget has also grown by $200million since 2010 and who don’t question where the Billion in savings has gone. People still believe that Mr. Ford will get rid of the land transfer tax, despite the fact that he has raised their taxes by 4.5% over the past 2 years.
And the biggest lie – that he will build subways with funds created through efficiencies, when he has admitted that he didn’t find enough to pay for subways and will have to increase property taxes to pay for the Scarborough subway line next year.

Mr. Ford hasn’t just lied about his private life he has lied about what he has accomplished, he has taken credit for the work of former Councillor Doug Holiday (union agreements), Councillor Ana Baeleo (Refinancing of TCHC loans) and others. He has stretched the truth to such a degree that I don’t think he himself knows what it is anymore.

It takes true arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and a lack of self-respect to lie to the public to the degree that Rob Ford has, but the scheme has taken it’s toll on him. How much more bullshit can one man spin out before they themselves disappear in the charade?



  1. Caroline Morais dit Murray Reply

    Why can`t he be FIRED? Who can trust a CRACKHEAD with anything. he probable is into Prostitution and the mafia too~ For God’s sake Toronto the Good GET RID OF HIM. START AN ONLINE PROTEST!

    • Comment_Book_Guy Reply

      wheels are in motion. Council is now moving motions to strip him of powers and/or have the province step in. Sadly, an online protest will be of little to no help.

  2. SHITE! and SARAH, with that low-life stunt that you tried to pull off, you’re a worse embarrassment than Rob Ford will ever be!

    • Comment_Book_Guy Reply

      I dunno about that. When I look on TV or the internet right now, I see a lot of embarrassing Ford stuff (even a new video where he appears to be HIGH on CRACK), and virtually no embarrassing Sarah Thomson stuff. On what basis are you proclaiming that “[Ms. Thomson is] a worse embarrassment than Rob Ford will ever be”?

      Please tell us because we’re dying to know, and your opinions are like, totally valid and sought by all.

      • Back when she announced (possibly a little tipsy) to a group of people including two YORK REGIONAL councillors (who confirmed this on record) at a Jewish reception that she was going to “get” Mayor Rob Ford, then she went upstairs, posed with the mayor, and then came back down and claimed that he grabbed her butt!

          • What is false? Are you saying that this event never took place?

          • Comment_Book_Guy

            no, I’m saying your account of it is false.

          • Sorry pal…you’re wrong. Aside from the fact that this incident was reported extensively in the media, one of the witness York Regional councillors is my friend and he told me the account personally.

          • Whether he is or not has nothing to do with something that did happen and was reported by the media. By the way, who are you, the avenging Angel Gabriel? If you don’t believe me do some research. Accusing Beros of anything doesn’t justify or won’t distract from what Sarah Thomson did.

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