“Yes, you can use that as a microphone,” I told my daughter when I found her dancing around in my bedroom with my vibrator in her hand. “It’s really a massage stick. But feel free to sing into it!” My face may have turned the colour of someone who had just blown up three hundred balloons, but my daughter thanked me and skipped away with her newly found massage stick/vibrator, pretending to be Hannah Montana. Just Hannah Montana who sings into a vibrator, that is.”

Rebecca Eckler is one of Canada’s premier writing moms, at least, one of the top moms writing about her experiences with motherhood. With her background writing for some of Canada’s biggest newspapers and magazines it makes sense that she would delve head first into the world of mommy blogging, but the attitudes that met her in the pool are a bit surprising — the antiquated image of the cookie baking Betty Crocker style mom is thrown by the wayside once you see how some of these online moms dish out (and, lets face it, Eckler is no angel herself).

“There was a time, a decade ago, when I loved reading other mothers’ comments,” says Eckler. “That was before the Mob Mommies got onto the Internet and started calling me a c*nt as often as they probably use the word hello. I really don’t want to read advice from — or the opinion of — a mother who uses the word c*nt, especially when she uses it to describe me. Would you? I may not always be Mother of the Year—as many, many Mob Moms have sarcastically commented—but, sarcasm aside, what mother is perfect? Can you honestly say you’re a perfect mother?”

In typical Eckler style the author, who has two decades of experience writing for some of Canada’s top publication, takes her critics in stride with humour and irreverence as she recounts her struggles with motherhood, her family, and her often clashing ideologies with other moms online.

Consider every bad encounter cannon fodder for this funny and light hearted take on the oft serious and drudging topic of how to parent, and more importantly, how to parent better than the mommy next door or the mommy on the other side of the modem.



Barlow Book Publishing
English, 2014
The Mommy Mob is available now



  1. Rebecca paid to have this book published: “Barlow Book Publishing charges “authors” between $15,000 – $50,000 before they will print their work.”
    So if the book was any good, then genuine traditional publishers would have lined up to publish it, since they didn’t…… she had to pay for it to be published. That speaks volumes, someone with her background and having previously published books is paying tens of thousands to publish this book means it’s a turd.
    She’s spent the last few years bad mouthing her step-daughters, her daughter’s teacher, her ex-finance’s family and she writes this book about a supposed “mommy mob” going after her, when in reality it’s regular people that are calling her on her BS.

    • Zoë Knowles Reply

      I’m guessing you’re one of the Mob Moms Rebecca was talking about…did you even read the book? Considering how you’ve been going around to 3 websites badmouthing Rebecca and the publisher, it seems to me that doth protest too much, eh? And you shouldn’t “like” your own posts, that’s so lame!

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