Remember that little talk we had a few days ago about period shaming? Yeah, so I’ve decided it’s a thing. If you haven’t heard,  Donald Trump made a comment about Fox report, Megyn Kelly following the presidential debate which – it’s safe to say – Megyn won.  Thus, Donald Trump took to the media to state his opinions about his loss in a very Trump-like fashion.

“You could see that there was blood coming out her eyes, blood coming out of her [brief pause] wherever.” he said, claiming that Megyn attacked him with her questions about his treatment toward women.

But she wasn’t even leaking, Trump. How did you see blood?

Donald later retracted his statement, saying he said ”whatever” instead of ”wherever.” Whatever, Donald. You’re too late. Now please bear witness to all these statements about our periods for the duration of your campaign. Please let us know if you have any questions about the blood that comes out of ”wherever.” We’re highly experienced when it comes to Aunt Flo, as these ladies have demonstrated:


Hopfully this will all bleed over soon. Good luck getting out of this one ”or whatever”, Trump.

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