Imagine for a moment that the Fords request for a snap municipal election came to pass.

Imagine still that, instead of just the doldrum politicians in the race that some of Toronto’s best and brightest in the fields of entertainment and literature stepped up to the plat and took a swing at the mayoralty.

We came up with the Toronto Fantasy Election to satisfy our desire to see somebody, anybody else leading this city. Let’s take a look at who is in the running. If you’ve already got your mind made up scroll to the bottom of this article to cast your vote.


Meet the candidates

margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood

A living literary legend, the champion of women, libraries, and everything we love, Atwood took on the Fords not too long ago when it came to saving libraries. An incessant tweeter with an unparalleled imagination she’s already got the fan base (‘Atwood Nation’ anyone?) and the brainpower to lead. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow

It is no secret that Chow, a City Hall veteran who stepped up federally and currently sits as an NDP MP, has her eyes on Toronto’s top spot. Although no official announcement has been made from her camp it is widely believed that after a successful exploratory committee she has already put together a bare bones campaign team. Her politics are a huge departure from the Ford era of tax cuts and bike lane removals. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Colin Mochrie

This comedic genius would fit right into City Hall with some of the slapstick antics that have been going on there lately. Mochrie is an alumnus of Toronto’s Second City and worked on TV shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Maybe it is time Toronto elected mayor who is actively trying to be a laughingstock instead of one that isn’t purposely keeping the world in stitches. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



John Tory

A centrist-conservative who has spent most of his life in politics, John Tory is the kind of guy we all would have expected to be mayor right now. While he may have never smoked crack he could be a perfect fit for the office he has tried at before. Perhaps we are now paying the price for overlooking the mayor-next-door all these years. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?


George Stroumboulopoulos

The former MuchMusic VJ turned CBC host, part-time CNN host and full-time dreamboat is a fixture of Toronto, having been the crush of every teenage girl to pass through the megacity from 2000 to 2005. Passionate about human rights along with arts and culture he would most likely govern on the left end of the spectrum and very likely get a lot more people watching the Rogers Cable feed of City Hall debates. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Rob Ford

The trainwreck nuclear meltdown supernova currently taking place at City Hall really needs no introduction. Masochists, we’ve included his name on the list should you care to vote for him. We don’t need to ask if he would make a good mayor for the City of Toronto because we already know the answer, and it is no.




Cast your vote in Toronto’s Fantasy Election below

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  1. julesbedeau Reply

    I like all of the other suggested candidates, but, I think that the way that City Hall works in this city requires someone to at least be a councillor before they run. Thoughts?

    • Trav White Kanye Reply

      Nope, anyone can run for mayor of Toronto. Rocco Rossi is an example of a big name who wasn’t on council before he ran.

  2. Teddy Boragina Reply

    With these options I’d be tempted to spoil my ballot. Where is Stintz? Stintz is getting my vote.

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