Spring is here, the snow has started to melt and it is now time for Canadians to start heading out to the patios. Enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine at some of the best patios that Toronto has to offer for lunch or dinner. You’ll love the atmosphere and the downtown locations.  Here are my top three patios.

1. Mill Street Brewery Pub

Located in the heart of the Distillery District, this quaint pub overlooks the cobblestone streets. The atmosphere outside is more relaxing and not as noisy as the interior. The patio is surrounded by creativity and a village with historic architecture. In case you want to head inside, they offer beer samplings and a brewery tour.

2. The Bedford Academy

If you’re in the Annex, be sure stop at The Bedford Academy. Although you may think it would be crowded with University of Toronto students, this is not the case. They tend to attract young professionals with a mix of students. The patio itself is relatively secluded and tucked away behind trees and greenery. The environment of The Bedford Academy is eclectic and the tables are near the mansion. The street is quiet and you don’t even feel as if you’re in the city.

3. Grenadier Cafe

Overlooking High Park is a beautiful and family friendly cafe. There are gardens nearby and the cafe has a beautiful wooden deck. It is reminiscent of eating out at a Provincial Park without leaving the city. The proximity is great for a walk or run in the park or watching Shakespeare in the Park. There is also parking nearby for the restaurant, which is an added bonus.

With the temperatures rising and the gorgeous patios that Toronto has to offer, it is hard not to go out for lunch or dinner. You won’t be disappointed with the scenery or atmosphere when visiting any of these three patios.

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