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by Melanie Jennings

Recently, I went to New York to have a visit with my girlfriend Betsy. After finally being able to co-ordinate our schedules we met in New York for the better part of a week to do some shopping, eat in great restaurants, visit galleries, and do lots of walking. While on the plane ride there, I started to think about summer fashions and to wonder what lovely things I might find during my shopping expedition in New York.  I was also curious to see how New York women dressed compared to Toronto women and whether there would be any difference in their styles. As I landed at JFK, I was excited to find out…

After a couple of days of serious shopping uptown and downtown, and being out on the street and in lots department stores and small boutiques in the Village, in Soho, as well as the trendy meat packing district, I felt I could summarize the main trends of summer in New York. I could also see the differences between how New York and Toronto women dressed. And there was actually very little difference between the women of both cities. New York women dress very similarly to Toronto women for the most part – well-groomed and very put together.

Some trends I noticed to be the most prominent were the gladiator sandal. I saw it everywhere I went, adorned with all kinds of embellishments such as studs, sequins, grommets and beads. The other trend I saw lots of was the skinny leg silhouette. Whether it was the jegging or the good old stretch legging or the skinny jean, the fitted leg was big. I saw every version in dark, light and white. One other trend I saw many women wearing were shorts but not the “going to the cottage” shorts. These were urban city shorts, made out of gabardine, linen or lightweight suited fabric in neutral colours such as beige, black, grey and navy. They looked fabulous paired with little blazers and t-shirts.

I love New York. It never ceases to inspire, excite, invigorate and exhaust me all at the same time.


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