Mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson unveiled the latest portion of her Tunnel Toronto plan on Thursday calling for subway extensions on either end of the Line 4, the Sheppard subway line in Toronto’s north end, at a combined cost of $4.15 billion.

Previous announcements in Thomson’s Tunnel Toronto plan include a Yonge Street Relief Line at a cost of $10 billion, and a replacement of the Scarborough RT with underground LRT instead of subway at a cost of $2.4 billion dollars according to Thomson’s estimates.

“The next priority I am announcing in my Tunnel Toronto Plan calls for completing the Sheppard subway west from Yonge to University line ($1.4 billion) and east to Markham Road ($2.75 billion). Creating transit loops is key to successful transit and city planning and joining both ends of the Sheppard line is essential to creating a strong system,” said Thomson in a press release received Thursday.

Line 4, previously known as the Sheppard Line before the TTC’s new numbered name scheme came into effect this year, is Toronto’s newest subway line having been completed in 2002. The line currently comprises of five stations and has been the subject of criticism for lack of use due to poor connectivity to other transit hubs.

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