I wake up early every morning here in St. Lucia. The sun isn’t yet up, neither are the birds so I can hear the waves crashing on the shores far below. I sit still in the lounge chair on our deck and watch the pale light just before dawn. As the sun rises the birds begin to wake, first one call then another until there is a symphony of them. The morning doves are everywhere and the hummingbirds, the Antillean Crested and Green Throated Carib, are everywhere.

Last night we made pizzas and the chef made a special berry cake for Noah’s birthday and we learned some terrific dice and card games from our security guard, Albert. Our favorite is “farkle” – played with six dice and requires a lot of addition.

There are very few bugs, probably because there are so many birds, and the soft warm breeze in the morning indicates a hot day ahead. We’ve spent a few days reading and lounging by the pool or beach so today we plan to visit the Diamond Waterfall botanical gardens and volcano.

St. Lucia is a beautiful island, and here at Caille Blanc, the staff are so friendly and caring, they greet us each morning with smiles and gentle “good mornings.” The chef makes us breakfast and lunch, and prepares our dinner. The maid cleans our rooms everyday and makes our beds – the luxury makes me feel a little awkward; I’ll never be suited to it.


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