We were at a party recently with a bunch of friends and someone asked Boyfriend and I what our Valentine’s Day plans were; which is funny because it’s not even close and why are you trying to stress me out? Except that it’s closer than I thought and to be honest we do have plans.

Here’s our plan, we’re going to watch House of Cards on Netflix while cuddling the dog, we’re going to order Chinese food, I’m going to drink wine and he’s going to have a Coca-Cola. It all sounds so terribly lame, except that to me it sounds perfect. After telling our friend what the plan was he joked that Boyfriend’s smile was a ‘I’m winning’ smile and I guess he probably is winning but so am I.

Tomorrow night we’re going to go out to a big dinner and celebrate some huge news for Boyfriend in his career, we’ll have a lovely dinner and then we’ll go see a movie. We always make a big deal out of personal wins, anniversaries or real-life-genuine holidays but making a big deal out of Valentine’s Day means making a reservation weeks in advance to pay for a prixe fixe meal that I’ll probably hate while being surrounded by the kind of couples who insist on sitting on the same side of the table. I hate those couples. Do you know how hard it is to talk to someone while they’re sitting on the same side of the table as you? You’re going to get a crick in your neck and at least one of you will spill something on the other; you are the height of forced romance and awkwardness wrapped together in a giant pink and red bow.

I love Boyfriend but I don’t know why I have to show him on one day more than any other that my feelings are real. The way we celebrate Valentine’s Day goes back to the agreement we made when we first started dating, neither of us ever do something just because the the other wants to. Boyfriend doesn’t watch hockey games with me and I don’t play D&D with him; we have things that we love to do together but we never force the other to do something as a trade off for some future activity. So on Valentine’s Day what do we both want to do? Sit at home and enjoy each other’s company. To be honest I wouldn’t mind going to dinner, but I have a loud voice and I don’t think the same-side-of-the-table-couples would like my witty diatribe with their duck confit.

So this year my Valentine’s Day will be all about diving into the sick and twisted minds of Francis and Claire Underwood while downing glasses of red and making out with Boyfriend. It’s perfect and I recommend you try it. Find the thing that you love doing together and do it; don’t just go out because you have to and don’t force your man into a monkey suit because Cosmo told you that Valentine’s Day is the most important and romantical holiday of them all.

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  1. Nokyoung Xayasane Reply

    I’m so guilty of sitting on the same side of the table as my partner.

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