By Doreen Binder

Most people love to get a deal.

Several weeks ago on a Wednesday morning I was in Banana Republic and I could not believe how busy it was. The fitting rooms were filled with people who were queued up waiting to try things on and the lineup for the cash snaked around through the store. It all made sense when I realized that people who received Banana Republic’s promotional emails had received a 40 per cent off coupon to be used that day.

It is great when we discover the price has been slashed on a much coveted accessory or piece of clothing we have been eyeing for several weeks or when we are privy to one day sales. But what about when we buy something and then discover that if we had only waited a few days, we could have gotten it cheaper.

These days several chain stores offer price adjustments. The rules and regulations vary from retailer to retailer, so it is best to ask. I was recently in The Gap and noticed that a cowl scarf I had purchased the previous week was reduced by thirty per cent. I asked a sales associate the time limit on price adjustments and was told it was seven days. It was the last day that I could get a price adjustment on the scarf. I did not have my receipt with me and I was not sure if I could make it home in time to pick up the scarf and the receipt and return to the store before closing. I was surprised when the sales associate asked the method of payment I had used for my purchase. He was able to track it through my bank card and within minutes I had the discount accredited to my bank account. I love it when everything comes together — store policies, customer service and technology — and it results in a deal.

It pays to ask about price adjustments.



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