Redditors today shared some of their experiences with what they called “random acts of feminism” — unexpected moments where the feminist actions of others impacted their everyday lives.

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“I had a really awesome high school history teacher. He was a pretty chill dude, really big into government and civics, and helped our Debate Team be one of the most respected and recognized organizations at our sports-excelling high school. It was AP US History year 2 (everything after the Civil War) and we were spending the day learning about various social movements. We had a few very machismo-filled dudes in our class who loved to promote the traditional, nuclear American family and spar off with my teacher in debates. That day, my teacher casually started the discussion with, “Raise your hand if you think a woman should be paid the same as a man instead of $0.70 to the dollar”, “Raise your hand if you think it’s silly that women didn’t have the right to vote at one time”, “Raise your hand if you think a woman should be able to freely pursue a career and raise a family”.

As the questions kept coming up, everyone’s hands shot up for every question to agree with it. Even the pretty conservative dudes’ hands went up, with a smirk on their face that read, “Hey, it’s the 00’s, these are really stupid questions”. The last question my teacher said was, “Raise your hand if you raised your hand to all these questions”. Not a single person in the room had their hand down.

Then my teacher, without skipping a beat, responded with, “Congratulations to all of you who have your hands up. You are all feminists.” All the social conservatives were sitting their with their hands up, in shock, which opened up the floor to an awesome discussion about how feminists weren’t just stereotypical bra-burners in the 60’s. It’s been 11 years and I still remember how important those realizations were to all of us in that class to this day.”



“After being on the organizing committee for an International Women’s Day event in my hometown (and working my ass off), I get this text from my boyfriend: “You are an amazing woman, And I mean that as you are amazing and a woman, not amazing by some imagined stereotypical standard of what a woman should be.”‘
— elizabethjaneanne


“In highschool they have those days where colleges or army recruiters can set up booths for kids to grab brochures etc. So the army booth is having this competition where you see how many push ups you can do in a minute. All these guys were doing it and I decided I’m doing it too. I was the only girl and the recruiter told me I could go on my knees instead of my toes. All of a sudden a bunch of the guys just say “No believe me man…she doesn’t need it” I won doing full push ups and got a free T-shirt and an apologetic handshake. Waterpolo pays off.”
— Deja_Vu_For_You


“I was part of a student organization interviewing new board members. It was a very professional atmosphere (grad school) so candidates were expected to wear suits to the interview. One of the candidates showed up in one of those suits that have long shorts that were popular for women briefly a few years ago. During deliberations, some of the guys kept bringing it back to her attire. I assured them that, yes, her outfit was a common sight in women’s professional clothing stores. Then one of my colleagues came up us away with the perfect response: “Why are we focusing on what she was wearing? We should be talking about her credentials. I thought she was well qualified.”

To be fair to the guys though, an interview for a traditional organization was not the proper place for showing off a new style.”
— brainmuffin


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