Following the mantra, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” Louise Veres uses her coaching skills to help others overcome their fears.

She found coaching while seeking guidance for herself after leaving her job of 25 years. It was a life-changing experience, causing her to realize that, “Through self-awareness and growth I can move from reaction to self-direction, connect with my internal values and purpose and deliberately create my life from the inside out.”

“Coaching helped me find the clarity I was lacking by helping me gain a true understanding of what was important to me and why and then helped me align those goals and dreams with my values.”

For Louise, the next step was natural. In 2008, she launched her own coaching company, Living Your Best.  “I have a burning desire to coach people and to help people live their best,” she says, explaining her choice of profession.  Louise calls the company “the highlight my life.”

As she moves forward, Louise intends to continue helping people face their fears, offering both group coaching fear workshops as well as customized one-on-one programs.

Given the route her life took, it makes sense that Louise advises, “If we strive to achieve and enjoy something every single day in all the important areas of our lives, life will deliver the balance and value we desire.”



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