Salima Syerah Virani may be the definition of fearless.

After working as a Bay Street lawyer for seven years, she walked away from it to become editor-in-chief and CEO of

“I wanted to be part of something that excited me, to create something that was bigger than a job or me. I believed I had that opportunity with and so I took it,” she says.

MyBindi serves as the online platform that brings together the consumers, the providers and the patrons of such endeavours. embraces and showcases all that is South Asian.”

She continues to be a powerhouse, founding both the Toronto Chapter of the Network of Indian Professionals in 2009 and Zentrepreneur Inc. Up next is Zen Campus, a hub where entrepreneurs can meet and work with available networking groups.

Even with this workload, she still practices as a lawyer. Although she gave up Bay Street, she continues to work as a barrister and solicitor at The Law Office of Salima Virani.

Her advice to budding entrepreneurs? “Take some time first to validate your idea, put a plan together, start lean and know how you will differentiate yourself from everyone else that’s doing what you intend to do.”

“It won’t be easy and you’ll likely work longer hours but when it all comes together, it’ll all be worth it.”


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