Whether you decide to go ‘au-naturel’ or wear hot pink lipstick, there are no boundaries when it comes to expressing yourself with makeup. However, with makeup shaming becoming more and more prevalent in society, it may seem that those that take part in this art form are shying away from this expression.


If anything, it’s done the opposite. The term makeup shaming was coined to describe the act of shaming those who wear ”too much makeup” to the point where their original features are unrecognizeable. But when Make-Up Guru Nikkie brought this issue to the spotlight in a video that has now been watch over 17 million times, she showed viewers how transformative #ThePowerOfMakeup can truly be.

Women have now taken to social media to show make-up shamers what they just don’t seem to get. Using the hashtag, thousands have been posting powerful pictures of only half their faces with makeup on. With messages of empowerment and self-confidence, the trend has been making the rounds all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Why wouldn’t anyone want to use a foundation that makes you look photo-shopped without actually being photo-shopped?”

The fact is, women can wear makeup for whatever reason they want. If they are looking to impress someone, trying to conceal an imperfection, or want something they don’t have (eyebrows, maybe?) – let them! Just don’t come running to us when she takes off her makeup and you feel like you’ve been lied to. You’ve been warned.


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