13 reasons why Cher’s new video ‘Take it Like a Man’ is the gayest thing ever

Queer car wash, underwear models, lifeguards, and a twerking dance off. Yup, gayest thing ever.

As if Cher could get any gayer, her new video for Take it Like a Man has proven that the Queen of the Queers not only still has it, but has set the standard of gay for another generation. Here’s why:

13. The video opens with a group of men wandering around the hood in nothing but underwear.

12. There is a big gay car wash where most of the soap and water ends up on the boys.

11. There is a rival group of guys, also in their underwear, who are scandalized in the gayest way possible: sassy lollipop removal from mouth.

10. One of the guys gets picked up and used to scrub a car.

cher 4

9. The boys somehow get shipwrecked, also in their underwear.

8. Only to be saved by a group of hunky lifegueards wearing the tightest bathing suits imaginable

7. There are so many lingering crotch shots.

6. Back at the car wash the boys are actually just washing each other.

5. There is a dance off

4. Between guys in their underwear.

3. They are twerking.

2. One of the teams is called the Hot Bottoms.

1. It’s Cher for God’s sake.