Since his dramatic firing from the office of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in the breaking days of the crack scandal former Chief of Staff Mark Towhey has never ceased being an amazing character on Twitter. Here is a roundup of some of our favourite recent tweets from Towhey himself.













While his job hunt updates may not be quite on the level it will be interesting to see where Towhey winds up using his talents behind the doors of power. While he has stayed relatively mum on the inner workings of Ford’s office at a time when city hall appeared to be melting down to onlookers, he has taken a few opportunities (as you can see above) to give the proverbial finger to his old boss and office, but then he’ll do something like retweet a garbage announcement from the mayoral Twitter account in earnest — that is, unless there is some meta layer of criticism regarding the mayor being ready for a Sunday curbside pickup that is beyond the grasp of this writer.

While we wait to see where this talented tweeter winds up you can follow him at @Towhey.

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