Rocking red lips in 2014

Over the last few seasons, red lips have fiercely been on the rise. Known for its reminiscence of ol’ Hollywood glamour, celebrities and fashionistas alike are painting their lips red to evoke blatant sex appeal. But why are these red lips so arousing? Historically, red lips started by the attempt to mimic the color of female genitalia, explaining why humans perceive this color as sexually-charged. Yet, despite this color’s racy rep, there are a variety of ways to make this trend work without looking too provocative. It’s all about how you wear red lipstick and what shades you choose. And with the number of styles available, you can create many different looks depending on your attire and attitude. So, whether you’re a bubbly flirt or a foxy workaholic, get ready to see all the ways you can rock this trend.


For a classic and refined look, choose a Venetian red lipstick with a matte texture. This style is sensual, yet classy, making it the perfect choice for dinner parties, glitzy nights out or even conservative formal affairs. Angelina Jolie shows off this color brilliantly as she poses at the 2014 Golden Globe awards. Her red lips beautifully compliment her cream Versace gown, setting the standards for true refinement.


You can crank down the sexiness of your red lipstick by choosing muted colors with earthy undertones. With this understated approach, you’ll appear both conservative and feminine as Jennifer Lawrence elegantly shows us on the red carpet with brownish-red lips.  Her natural red lip color and simple eye makeup creates a polished and sophisticated look. For any working lady, this style can also easily be translated into office wear. Simply pair this lipstick color with professional basics like a white oxford shirt or a sheer blouse, and you’ll be fashion-forward and work ready!


When going full-throttle toward blatantly sexy,  look to Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret supermodel, for lessons in erotic lip wear. As she proves on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month, blood red lipstick is a sure-fire way to appear sexy and delicious. She makes this sizzling lip color appear very high-fashion with a black tailored blazer and loose curls. You can also achieve this foxy look by pairing your bright red lipstick with sexy staples like a little black dress or a V-neck camisole. For an edgier vibe, pair this color with a chic black leather jacket, inspired by current biker trends.


For the playful gal, shiny cherry-red lipstick is the way to go. This color is incredibly charismatic and offers a beautiful compliment to feminine assembles like A-line dresses or frilly blouses. And to draw more attention to your lips, you can add an extra layer of  clear gloss which gives your pout more dimension. To achieve this sassy lipstick look, take cues from the beloved country singer, Taylor Swift who always looks charmingly kissable. At the Golden Globes, Taylor wowed fans as she combined her glossy, fruity lips with an elegant sweetheart neckline gown by Carolina Herrera.

With the versatility of reds available, every lady can have fun finding the ideal color to match the occasion and her personal style. Just remember that wearing red lipstick is all about showcasing your pout. So, make sure to downplay the rest of your makeup, allowing your lips to shine as the main focus of your face. Ultimately, with these tips in mind, you can confidently and fashionably rock red lips