The art of wine cellaring

By Nicola Burrows

It seems ridiculous to call them cellars as they are the most celebrated crafted wine establishments ever seen. While some are contemporary others can surround you in the hills of Tuscany. A vintage surrounded by deep rich mahogany is the epitome of wine cellars, and savouring a stunningly favourite vintage is the most well respected investment in the history of wine connoisseurs.The art of wine cellaring protects your investment and gracefully matures the wine into something more complex and interesting than the wine in its youth. Furthermore, the ambiance of spectacularly designed wine cellars serves as the best wine tasting experience. A dusty bottle of wine that has aged over 20 years has worked to provide the ultimate taste enhancement for discerning wine enthusiasts worldwide. The Art of Wine Cellaring is as imperative as producing a great bottle of wine, and the goal of cellaring wine is to prolong the life of these wines, giving the wines a stable environment to age. Here are five tips to creating the optimal wine cellar.

Position and Peace

An essential part in cellar and wine management is the peace and position of the wines. The bottles need to be kept safely in a horizontal manner so that they are not disturbed in any case. The bottles need to lay horizontally and always be in touch with the cork to prevent them from drying.


Protect wine from strong and direct sunlight as it could have an adverse effect on the body and aroma of the wine. Darkness is the best option when maintaining a wine cellar.


Keep the humidity level high to avoid cork shrinking from the outside. For best results, maintain the humidity between 60-75% and 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wine Tasting Room

Wine rooms require temperature control and design for tasting and entertaining. You need to have easy access to your wine while still being able to host wine tastings without worrying about the warming effects on the wine.

The Mahogany Wine Cellar Is Best

The Mahogany wine cellar is the epitome of wine storage. Other woods simply don’t measure up to the colour, the durability, and the absolute strength of mahogany. Wine racks made from mahogany are strong and can hold more bottles.