7 of Toronto’s worst missed connections from September

Ah, there is nothing quite like the poetry of Craigslist missed connections. The lonely men and women of Toronto have a long and beautiful history of seemingly doing everything in their power to stay single forever as you can see right here and here.

As the leaves change and the summer fades to cold it seems like everyone is scrambling to find someone to keep them warm, and lucky for us that means every idiot with an internet connection is taking to Craigslist to profess their love for someone they saw for 30 seconds once in a crowded place.

Check out these choice picks for Toronto missed connections from the last month.

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1. Apparently not everyone enjoys being sexually assaulted

2. Maybe she likes being called awful names.

3. So you’re mad at him because you treated him badly?

4. A great example of why you shouldn’t drink and go on the internet.

5. I think he just means you’re an asshole… Oh wait… Okay.

6. Remember not to have any kids once you two get together.

7. What an awful host to both of those guys named Rob.