8 ways “Just My Luck” eerily predicted Lindsay Lohan’s horrible future back in 2006

Poor, poor Lindsay Lohan. Back in 2006 she starred in her first grown up role, the role that was supposed to start her on her way towards becoming an A-list Hollywood actress. Instead she pulled a Lindsay and didn’t getting along with others on set, refused to do her work, and eventually started her epic downward spiral.

The movie was about a girl whose luck suddenly changes to bad and nothing goes right in her life. Sound familiar? The curse from the movie just might be real because poor Lindsay’s luck has never recovered.

But here’s where it gets creepy. The movie seems to have actually predicted several of the bad things that actually happened in Lindsay’s later life.

1. Lindsay getting arrested.

Lindsay’s arrest in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay’s first DUI, 2007:

2. Lindsay fighting.

Lindsay fighting in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay fighting in a nightclub, 2013:

3. Lindsay getting arrested, again.

Lindsay’s second arrest in the movie Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay getting arrest various other times, 2007-2013 :

4. Lindsay’s financial woes.

Lindsay broke and hungry peering in a restaurant window in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay’s estimated net worth, 2013:

5. Rumours of Lindsay’s involvement with prostitution

Lindsay’s boss is angry for setting her up with a prostitute in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay’s father accuses her of being a prostitute, 2013:

6. Lots of crying in public

Lindsay crying on the street when her umbrella breaks in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay crying in a courtroom as her sentence is handed down, 2010:

7. Inability to hold a job

Lindsay getting fired in Just My Luck, 2006:

“In case you haven’t guessed, you’re fired.” 

Lindsay fired from movie because she wasn’t ‘bankable’ in 2010:

8. Homelessness

Lindsay’s carrying out her few belongings from her destroyed home in Just My Luck, 2006:

Lindsay is actually homeless and moves in with her bankrupt mom, 2013:

Poor, poor Lindsay Lohan.