This pro-gay loonie designed by a Grade 4 kid is a great idea (and proudly Canadian)

Redditor JimmyCanuck posted up his daughter’s project to the subreddit /r/Canada Tuesday night proud of his daughter’s attitude, not to mention her 4+ top marks.

The parameters of the project were simple enough. “Sketch a symbol you would choose for a new Canadian coin. Why did you choose this symbol for a new coin? Tell why you think this represents Canada.”

While most kids her age might have chosen to do a project featuring an animal or veterans (popular visuals on Canada’s coins) Grade 4 Julie chose to do her project as a celebration of gay rights in Canada — a project with a great amount of heart and compassion that it earned her a 4+ top grade, even if there are a couple spelling mistakes.

Check out the project and read the text below:

"This coin represents gay pride. I chose the rainbow because the rainbow is the gay pride flag. I chose the gay pride flag because it is okay to be gay in Canada. I chose two girls holding hands and 2 boys holding hands because gay means love with a person in your gender. I chose black because black represents guilt & sorrow. If you were in a different country where you aren't allowed to be gay and if you are gay you would feel guilt & sorrow. That's why I chose gay pride as my coin."

Hats off to Julie for her fantastic compassion and vision at such a young age — and a challenge to the Royal Canadian Mint to make her project a reality.