Here is a shocking list of celebrities the same age as Céline Dion

Ah Céline, the sweet songstress of French speaking Canada whose music has long been the go-to last minute gift for your mother or any other woman who you have unconsciously categorized as perpetually uncool.

In celebration of her new future drag queen anthem dropping this week we’ve decided to take a look at a great mystery: Céline’s age.

There is something shocking about learning she is only 45 years old. No, you think, she’s at least in her mid fifties. Actually, believe it or not, she was only 28 years old when she was singing the theme to Titanic.

Perhaps it is the fact that her husband is 26 years her senior that makes you think of her as old. Or maybe her history of making nothing but sensible choices and mid tempo music makes her seem out to pasture. That, and you mom does actually love her, and she’s old too, right?

What is even more mind blowing is that in Hollywood, a land obsessed with youth, so many other 45 year old celebrities seem eternally young. Gwen “Hollaback Girl” Stefani is a mere 18 month younger than Céline who was busy releasing an Anne Geddes babies-in-flowers lullaby album while Stefani was singing Rich Girl with Harajuku Girls and Eve.

Here are some of Céline’s other shocking contemporaries.

6. Jamie Foxx — 45

The perpetually sexy actor (and sometimes rapper) who we saw naked not too long ago in Django Unchained is just as old as Céline.

5. Jason Statham — 45

The action star, who has been in literally every action movie made in the last ten years, is the same age as Céline Dion and manages to look great and do all of his own stunts.

4. Criss Angel — 45

The self described “mind freak” magician who looks like he just wandered out of a My Chemical Romance music video is the same age as Céline Dion.

3. Catherine Bell — 45

The actress, known for her roles on JAG and Army Wives, along with her rockin’ bod, is the same age as Céline Dion.

2. Tony Hawk — 45

The professional skateboarder, sometimes Jackass co-star, video game mogul, and “Coolest Guy Ever” to 13 year old boys 2001-2005 is the same age as ol’ Céline.

1. Kristin Chenoweth — 45

The bubbly actor and singer from Broadway’s Wicked is, you guessed it, the same age as Céline Dion.

Honourable mentions:

Jennifer Lopez — 44

Jennifer Aniston — 44

Jay-Z — 44

Hugh Jackman — 44

David Boreanaz — 44

DJ Tiïesto — 44

Paul Rudd — 44

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