Dreaming of wamth

By Heather Lochner

Reader be warned, further reading of this article will result in a rush to book an all-inclusive getaway.

When I was a few years younger I scorned the idea of an all-inclusive vacation. Why, I wondered, would anyone ever want to stay in one place for a week? I prided myself on my audacious ways: staying at hostels, eating food from vendors and walking the streets where scarcely a tourist ventured.

And then I grew up and suddenly the wiles of backpacking lost their allure. I no longer sought daring adventures – I craved relaxation.

It was by chance that my husband and I stumbled upon Club Med Ixtapa. We were looking for a holiday that could accommodate the two of us and our 1 year old son. We had both been to Mexico before (we went sailing, kayaking, and backpacking there) so we knew the weather to be pleasant. Our agent pointed us in the direction of Club Med – telling us the resort is beautiful, located near the sleepy fishing village of Zihuatanejo, and offers a wide range of activities. Hands up baby, hands up!

We’ve been twice.

The accommodation is wonderful. The rooms are clean, generous in size, and sound-proof. The activities are stellar, from archery to sailing, circus school to yoga by the beach. The amenities are fabulous: beachside restaurants, plentiful buffet and an air conditioned gym. The pool is big with plenty of room, but it is the beach that takes the prize. Warm sand, mellow waves and shallow water. Ooh, and let’s not forget – the kid’s club (also known as vacation daycare!).

On a couple of occasions, while our son was at the kid’s club, my husband and I ventured into the town of Zihuatanejo (pronounced: Zee-wa-ta-nay-ho.) It is a beautiful village that is built around a u-shaped bay. The shoreline is a mixture of picturesque beaches, stately homes, and beached fishing boats.

Restaurants line the beaches, enticing tourists and locals to sit down and eat some guacamole, dip some tortillas, and drink some beer. It is hard to resist their allure as life slows down in Zihuatanejo. Not to mention the view is spectacular. My favourite part is the market. Fanning out from the bay are streets upon streets lined with hundreds of vendors selling their wares: traditional Mexican blouses, vanilla, silver and tequila.

Folks, I am telling you, this is a vacation not to be missed. And while you’re there be sure to eat the White Chocolate Bread, it will make your taste-buds beg for more.