GOOD GOSH: We try out lash extensions!

Amanda and I have both heard from friends how addictive lash extensions can be and we’re excited to try the latest beauty craze ourselves. Deciding to indulge in a Friday after-work treat, we walk over to Good Gosh Beauty, Toronto’s hottest new beauty studio. Although we both express a concern over having someone work so closely to our eyes, shop owner, Lauren Kurtz, instantly puts us at ease.

Originally trained as a professional makeup artist for television and film at Toronto’s own Complections International Makeup School, Lauren eventually moved into permanent cosmetics. She realized she could master the technique in order to create the same elegant, natural effects she achieved with traditional makeup. “From there, lash extensions were a natural progression,” she explains, “It makes sense that they’ve become so popular; they allow you to cut down on the time you spend on your daily beauty routine and the results are stunning.”

The price of a set of lash extensions depends on the style you choose – with options ranging from the MacGraw, with 35 lashes per eye, to the Kardashian, which boasts 75 plus lashes per eye. I’m instantly drawn to the Audrey, named after my favourite beauty icon, while Amanda opts for a bolder look.

Before and after:

Click to enlarge.

Lauren only uses premium synthetic mink eyelashes, as they’re natural and weightless, and act like real lashes. She carefully selects the thickness and curl of the extensions she applies based on our natural lashes. She works meticulously as each one is individually glued to an existing lash to ensure a look that mimics the real thing – only better, longer, and more luscious, of course. Whereas mascara can only add up to one millimeter of length to your lashes, extensions add a much more dramatic effect.

Despite our initial fears, there is no discomfort from the procedure and Lauren tells us that many of her clients fall asleep while she does the application. Instead, the three of us chat about everything from fashion to our love lives, while humming along to the songs playing from Lauren’s iPod. Although it takes nearly an hour and a half each, it feels like no time before we’re winking at ourselves in the mirror, admiring our new lashes that seem to go on for miles.

Before we leave, Lauren hands us each an aftercare kit and goes over the instructions for keeping them looking great. She recommends a refill after two weeks and is careful to explain that we must avoid getting them wet while the glue sets over the next 24-48 hours – this means wearing goggles in the shower and sad movies are strictly forbidden.

Walking home, Amanda and I agree – while lash extensions may seem like an indulgent treat – they’ve left us feeling flirty and feminine, and never having to worry about running mascara again could certainly justify the expense.

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