6 awful tweets supporting Paula Deen (and one hilarious one that doesn’t)

WARNING: Some of these tweets contain some bad language.

This guy trying to prove that saying the N-word is okay:

And are people really bitching over Paula Deen saying the N word? Are you fucking kidding me? Niggers. SUE ME.

— Nicol Bolas (@Phat_Paid) June 21, 2013

This mess:

@FoodNetwork you niggers need to fucking chill you’re acting like you’ve never heard the word nigger before give @Paula_Deen a break damn

— Confetti Cupcake (@ConfettiCupcak3) June 21, 2013

This guy, who supports gay marriage, and also Paula Deen:

I’m disgusted over this #PaulaDeen situation… She is now becoming the victim and slowly losing everything. I #SupportPaula!!

— JDove (@itsjdove) June 25, 2013

This guy, showing his support by planning a trip top Paula’s restaurant:

I think I’ll stop at Paula Deens restaurant on the way to Florida. #SupportPaula

— Ian Mangus (@Ian_Mangus) June 23, 2013

The political machine of the TV food world:

@Paula_Deen you are a doll. Hang in there, so many see the stupidity of this attack on you. It’s all politics.

— Tina Stull (@tinastullracing) June 25, 2013


Hey, you know who really loves Paula Deen’s fried chicken? NIGGERS.

— Missy Slaughter (@MizzSlaughter) June 21, 2013

And finally, this masterpiece:

@Paula_Deen Don’t worry butter lovers. I hear Mel Gibson is looking for a personal chef anyway. http://t.co/xLzQTJ8obE #PaulaDeen

— Jamie Leigh (@jamieleigh) June 24, 2013

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