EdgeWalk: The experience of a lifetime

On June 24th, I had a once in a lifetime experience at the CN Tower EdgeWalk during its third season. As someone who loves heights, this was a dream come true. I have had several friends who have done EdgeWalk, but as someone from Toronto, I have never actually tried it.

My journey began at Basecamp where the group of six people had to wait for a passing storm before going on a walk at 356 metres high on the CN Tower’s main pod. You could tell that safety is the number one priority and you won’t be disappointed. I was excited and nervous, but was far more excited.

My first impression was that the view was spectacular and it was windy. It was more windy than I anticipated and it was humid when the EdgeWalk began. The cars down below resembled toys cars, although the buildings vary in height. Everyone in my group was very supportive of each other. My EdgeWalk guide Boris made us comfortable throughout the experience and he was funny. He was well-informed about Toronto and pointed out various landmarks including Billy Bishop Airport, Union Station, the AGO, CBC, Casa Loma, and the BMO building. The experience was enhanced by information about Toronto for both tourists and individuals who live in Toronto. I learned that Toronto has two gold buildings which actually contain some real gold. I even looked down on an airplane landing at the airport which was an interesting experience.

Of course, the EdgeWalk wasn’t complete without personal challenges. My group and I successfully completed ‘Toes in Toronto’, ‘Lean Forward’ and ‘Lean Back’. Boris demonstrated each of them and my group proceeded to take turns completing the various challenges. I was overly enthusiast and confident with ‘Toes in Toronto’. I was told to step back a bit when I placed my feet too far over the edge. ‘Lean Forward’ is reminiscent of the Titanic pose. I found ‘Lean Back’ to be the hardest and I had to readjust three times on my first try. It’s awkward sitting down with a harness, prior to standing up and leaning back. Although the sensation feels weird, it is the ideal pose for amazing photos.

During the half hour walk around the CN Tower, I gra0dually became more comfortable even though I trusted the equipment when I first began. Instead of relying on the harness, I walked hands free or with one hand. I wish the walk would have lasted longer since I could have walked around more, but I left feeling satisfied with this amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I would highly recommend CN Tower EdgeWalk to both tourists and anyone from Toronto. If you’re visiting Toronto, it is worth spending the money since you will never experience the largest tower walk again. If you’re from Toronto, you have to try EdgeWalk at least once. It is a brand new way to see your city and have an amazing experience. The view is incredible and the CN Tower staff are nice and professional. There is really no better way to live life on the edge.