Deane Code: Building a body of work

communications professional, fitness coach, and bodybuilder. It’s rare to meet
someone with such a multifaceted range of expertise, passions, and skill set.
Deane Code stood out to me for her enthusiasm, energy, and determination to put
in practice what she believes in and loves. As Gandhi said, “Happiness is when
what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” As a spokesperson
and educator, Deane is often seen on CHCH as a wellness expert.

As founder and President of CodeDComm, Deane
helps clients with their media strategy and execution, corporate communications,
and event management. However, following her personal fitness journey, she has
added nutritional coach and fitness expert to her portfolio. In her spare time,
she helps people with their wellness goals, “A simple 30-day plan gets them on
track” Deane says, “and depending on their goals, we work together on a
maintenance plan.” Success comes down to mindset and commitment.

Her journey started 15 years ago as a university student; a
runner and lifeguard, Deane was always an active person. She graduated in humanities
and film studies before taking the public relations postgraduate program at Humber
College. Deane views fitness as a physical as well as mental challenge. Last
year, she worked closely with a coach and
naturally progressed towards joining the competitive bodybuilding scene where
she feels blessed to have crossed paths with so many inspiring women. “I wish I
had known sooner” she comments.

Deane competed in the bikini
, achieving second and third place in two categories at her first
competition. This level emphasizes a “fit, athletic appearance.”

For Deane this journey led to empowerment and confidence
with more room for self-development along the way. “You know what your body is
capable of, you challenge yourself physically and mentally, have a strong focus,
mindset, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle” she stated.

When she is not preparing for a competition, she enjoys wine and dessert when out for dinner. During this “off season” she maintains a well-balanced regime that includes lean protein, whole grains, and cuts out overly processed food, dining at home to prepare meals herself as much as she can. She integrates with supplements daily to enhance her nutritional intake as “whole foods alone don’t contain all the nutrients our bodies need.” With the new food guide released by Canada Health and its emphasis on protein from plant-based produce as opposed to animal food such as meat and milk, Deane is more than happy to replace dairy products with coconut or almond milk. Outside of competitions, “bodybuilders don’t always display the same pronounced level of muscle definition as this is unrealistic to sustain year-round” Deane admits.

During competition prep time, Deane trains with Nichelle Laus to help her stay
accountable and share photos with to
measure results. Being part of a community of like-minded people helps to “keep
you inspired and positive” she says, which is “hugely beneficial to your growth
and progress.” When competing, she works out six days a week, gets regular
massages, sees a chiropractor “to fix” the problem areas, gets enough rest, and
sleeps well: all the above give the body time to regenerate and recover,
especially when you exercise to that degree.

Born in Sudbury, this northern girl grew up with a passion for films. A regular TIFF-goer, she’s a devoted trend-spotter when it comes to film and food. “Working in PR, it’s part of our job to keep up with pop culture and what’s making headlines around us.” The daughter of immigrants from Indonesia who came to Canada in the 70s, she speaks very highly of her parents who did well and instilled in her the same resolve to succeed.

“Anyone who is considering a new route to get out of their
comfort zone, may feel nervous about it, but that’s okay. This awareness only makes
you stronger. When you’re able to conquer and master something new, it
increases your arsenal of empowerment.” And I would add, it creates a powerful
precedent in one’s life.