Toronto has an extreme heat alert — here’s a list of pools open to almost midnight

The city of Toronto, God bless her, has a program in place for extreme heat alerts in the city where a selection of community pools, some indoor and some outdoor, stay open until 11:45pm for us sweaty folks without air conditioning to use to stay cool.

Guess what? We’ve got an extreme heat alert on the go!

Pool hopping hipster purists might prefer to take their midnight dips illegally, but in all fairness, late night pool shenanigans with an active lifeguard on duty sounds like a smarter and safer way to spend an evening with friends.

Here is a list of community pools staying open late with handy dandy maps to find out which one is closest to you for maximum cool down time this evening!

Alex Duff Memorial Pool
779 Crawford Street

Alexandra Park Pool
275 Bathurst Street

Cummer Park Indoor Pool
6000 Leslie Street

Giovani Caboto Outdoor Pool
1369 St. Clair Ave W

McGregor Park Outdoor Pool
2231 Lawrence Ave E

Monarch Park Pool
115 Felstead Ave

Smithfield Outdoor Pool
175 Mount Olive Drive

Sunnyside — Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool
1755 Lake Shore Blvd W

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