Ode to the shower

blessings, large and small, I love Canada.  A favourite aspect of my life
in the great white north is beginning each workday with a shower; an
invigorating, experiential blend of solitude, hot water, and optimism.
I’m grateful every time I stand under the cascade of warm, restorative
water, preparing for the day.

first moments of my shower are spent getting wet, spinning, warming up, and
soaking in the sensation of hot water on cold flesh.  Humans groom and the
shower is a prime place for preening, primping, and preparing.  Soap and shampoo are obvious accessories,
but, to justify extra shower-time, there’s more, which can be done, under the
blissful cascade.

swishing mouthwash over teeth and gums, I treat myself to flossing, brushing,
and a final rinse.  My mouth feels clean, fresh, and ready for close
encounters, of any kind.  (I don’t like
being afraid of my breath.)

shower is made for shaving.  Warm water and steam soften whiskers, so
slicing them off is easier, while showering.  A touch up, in the mirror
is, usually, required, but, sometimes, the task has been accomplished,
perfectly.  I shave my entire face, including nose and forehead, for the
same reasons I exfoliate.

Exfoliating is good for your skin.  Exfoliating
is good for your soul.  With age, the
process of cell regeneration slows down, and dead skin cells can clog pores,
cause spots, and leave your epidermis showing dry and rough.  Manually
scrubbing away old and dead cells can help you look and feel fresher.

Along with exfoliating, cascading water increases
blood-flow to the skin’s surface, so circulation, which is critical to good
health, is improved, by a shower.  As well, if you’re congested, phlegm
can accumulate in the lungs, overnight.
Hot water and steam work, more, magic.
Phlegm is loosened, coughed up, spat out, and washed down the drain with
dead skin cells.  Sayonara.

The mental component of a shower should not be
overlooked.  Being alone and unplugged does wonders for well being.  My stream of consciousness flows, like the
warm water, so ideas come, plans are made, problems solved, forgiveness given,
and delightful reminiscences surface, in the shower.

Showers have been part of human existence, since
cavepeople stood under waterfalls for a rinse and rejuvenation.  There is
evidence of showering facilities in early Egyptian and Mesopotamian households,
wherein servants would pour water over upper class citizens.

Many people are mindful of waste and indulgence, but
the average shower, of 8 – 9 minutes, uses less water than a bath, and is
faster.  Good hygiene is critical to good health, so a shower is a
necessary luxury.  As well, if you want
to get into Heaven, you have to shower.  In 1778, English cleric, John
Wesley aptly recorded, “Cleanliness is, indeed, next to Godliness.”

More critically, if you want to get a second date,
before the first one, shower, for God’s sake.

All things, good or bad, must come to an end.  A
thorough rinse, thoughts of thanks, and my shower is over.  I grab a rough
towel and go to it.  Spirited towel
drying, from head to toes, is exfoliating and exercise, at once.  Drying
thoroughly is critical; moisture leads to aggravating conditions, like
athlete’s foot and crotch rot.

It is difficult to work, play, parent, study, relate…
if I am out of sorts.  Looking after myself allows me to be a better
person.  Sequestered in a shower stall;
cleaning, improving, conversing with thoughts, feeling comfortable and safe, is
an ideal way to begin my day.  When I consider the simplicity, facility,
rapidity, luxury, and benefits, nothing compares to my morning shower.

Wash up.

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