Let’s keep crossing guard Kathleen Byers dancing

Save Kathleen Byers, Toronto’s dancing crossing guard!

Help us gain recognition for Kathleen Byers — the dancing crossing guard who has been told she must not dance.

This is an example of a front line worker who has thought of a great way to get the attention of drivers while making them smile. She has been told by the Toronto Police that she shouldn’t be dancing. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that the stop sign and florescent orange attire the crossing guards wear is designed to attract drivers attention — adding the element of dancing goes even further to make drivers aware of her and those she shepherds across the street. Her method is extremely effective at getting drivers to pay attention making the area she works both safer and happier.
The bureaucrats handing down decisions to happy and active pillars of community like Kathleen have cling to their regulations to such a degree that they are blind to a good idea.  Toronto Police middle management — sitting in a warm office as opposed to out on the road every day, hot or cold — dictate the way her job should be done without taking pause to reflect on the fact that her unique spirit and charm have found an even better way to keep pedestrians safe and keep everyone smiling.
We recommend that rather than chastising Mrs. Byers the Toronto police come out and see how she has added value and increased safety in the way she has chosen to do her job. Change is never easy and some civil servants don’t embrace it. In this case they have gone overboard in trying to stop a woman who has brought more to her position then was ever requested or required of her, and for that she should be commended, not reprimanded.
We support Kathleen Byers and will do all that we can to make sure that her efforts are recognized.

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