LOOK: Toronto can learn a few things from the stunning design of Stockholm’s subway

Here is Toronto we are used to simple, utilitarian subway stations. Even our friends over in Montreal take a much more artistic approach to how their stations appear. Unfortunately the type of rock in which we are digging here in Toronto means that our stations are quite often as small as possible, but newer station designs like Museum show that a small space can still have a big visual impact.

All of that is nothing compared to Stockholm’s Metro system. Take a look at the images collected below by VisualNews that show the fantastic take the Swedes have in their subway stations.

1. Fantastic escalators through red stone.

2. Looks like the escalator through Mordor.

3. With a cool woodland scene on the walls.

4. Even more epic escalators.

5. Patterns, exposed stone, and sculpture all in one.

6. Half buried pillars.

7. This flower mosaic looks like a cross between Super Mario and Easter eggs.

8. These awesome elevators look like Saul Bass designed a villain’s lair from a Bond movie.

9. They’ve got ghosts in their tiles.

10. Geometric shapes in an ice cavern design.

11. Stunning view from the platform.

12. View from inside of a train.

13. Even the trains themselves look fantastic.

14. Even more epic cavernous escalators.

15. The simplest doors are designed to catch your eye.

16. It is a wonder anyone makes it to work on time when these stations beg to be marveled at.

17. Giant leaves overhead.

18. Checkers and houndstooth overhead.

19. a Cross between Alice in Wonderland and the Chamber of Secrets.

20. These stations are so striking it wouldn’t surprise me if these statues came alive at night.

21. Complete with ancient ruins to admire on your way to the train.