Reddit user posts reward for missing dog — the person who took the dog responds and you won’t believe what they say

Reddit user CGDarden took to the Fort Worth section of the social website to post photos and offer a reward for a missing dog.:

10.5 month old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog “Heidi” was taken from her covered dog run Friday, December 6th between 6pm & 9pm. After thinking she busted through the gate, the police have confirmed the locked horseshoe latch to her run was sawed off. The elements of the bad roads, time in the evening, and the fact that her dog run is completely unseen from the street have left us at a total loss as to who could do this.
Offering a $2,000 reward, no questions asked.

You won’t believe what happens next as a war of words erupts in the comments under the photo when another user admits to being the one who took the dog.

Hi there Asshole,
You don’t really know me and I don’t really know you but I have seen you a few times over the last few years. Mostly when you’d let your old dog shit in my lawn and also when your new one would do the same. Thanks for leaving it all for me to pick up too. I really appreciated it.
But even though I don’t really know you, I do know of you and watching you put on such a show to find your dog absolutely disgusts me. Pretending that she was stolen only because she was outside for three hours. For starters, why the fuck did you leave your dog outside in 16 degree weather for three hours!
I’ll let you know what happened though.
I was walking to McDonalds on Friday afternoon and cut through your car port to avoid the ice and that’s when I your dog sitting alone in her dog run looking really miserable. It might have been because it was 20 degrees out or maybe it was because she had no food, water or blanket. Who knows.
Anyway I saw your cars in the driveway and figured she would be okay because no one would leave a sweet dog outside in the cold for very long so I kept on walking. Several hours later I was walking to CVS and noticed that she was still there. I petted her some and couldn’t believe how incredibly cold to the touch she was. As if she’d been outside for hours. I knocked on the door to see if anyone was home but no one answered.
I called animal control and the humane society but no one was available because of the weather. I left for CVS and came back 30 minutes later and she was still there. Not wanting such a sweet dog to freeze to death I headed home, grabbed some tools and headed back. It’s now been close to 7 hours since I first saw her, temps are in the teens and that poor dog is ice cold.
I cut off the lock, took her home and that’s when the real fun started.
She immediately made a bee line for the litter box and started chowing down on crap. I pulled her away and gave her some real dog food which she inhaled. Oh, and she pissed herself while eating too.
And did I mention she’s very thin and malnourished. Because she is and she ate three bowls of food. Seriously, I’ve picked up strays that weren’t as thin or hungry as her. So good job on that one buddy.
Now, what else should I add. How about the fact that she had no collar or tag and that she hasn’t been fixed yet. Seriously? That’s the first thing you get anytime you get a dog. So yea, bravo on that.
Maybe I should add that she doesn’t even recognize her own name, doesn’t know how to play with toys, is covered in a film of filth and has a crap ton of fleas. How the hell do you get fleas in winter!
So yea, I’m confused as to why you’re offering so much for a dog that you seemed to care so little for.
Btw, what happened to your other dog?
Not that it really matters anyway because Heidi is so much happier now. She whines at the door when her new daddy leaves, has a huge back yard to play in and two other dogs her size to play around with. Oh, and she has a doggie door so she can go in and out whenever she wants.
Now please do us all a favor and stop littering the neighborhood with your crap.
Sincerely, A real dog lover
TL:DR You neglected the shit out of your dog. She’s now with a family that will love her and give her the attention she deserves. You’re a piece of shit for trying to look like a victim in all this.

The user then edited the post to include photographic proof that they are now in possession of the dog:

Edit: Proof of happy Heidi

I’m not sure who is right or who is wrong, but hopefully both parties have Heidi’s best interests at heart and the authorities can come to a reasonable resolution.