ROUNDUP: 7 of Toronto’s worst missed connections this week

Ah, another weekend come and gone. While we were out galavanting around and having fun, like always, our hearts narrowly escaped the one true love of our lives. Thank God for missed connections.

This week’s roundup features the bizarre, like this love note from a woman to a squirrel:

The vulgar, like this one about an upshort show:

The one that is likely about me, because this is where I spend my free time:

This posting could very well be a proposition for an orgy made only better by the mention of Queen Trainwreck Tara Reid:

This bizarre catch-all missed connection for what I can only assume are two totally unrelated people who the poster asks on the same date:

This guy trying to pick up a crying woman who witnessed domestic violence:

This cosplay transgender missed connection from Fan Expo, which, if you view on Craiglist, you will see contains sexual anime involving a carrot:

Stay classy Toronto, may our paths cross next weekend.

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