Councillor Norm Kelly is Toronto’s #1 Tweeter

If you’re not following Councillor Norm Kelly on Twitter, you’re not following the right people.

Whether you’re looking for a daily dose of rap lyrics, Toronto culture, or some solid life advice, scroll through Kelly’s tweets. You may be surprised to know that they’re all written by the 73 year old himself.

And that pretty much makes him cooler than any of us will ever be.

His tweets have very little to do with politics, other than small tidbits on how to drive on the controversial HOV lanes , that is. (Note taken, Norm)

Kudos to @ericzawo for throwing up the ROC while riding in the HOV lane.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 19, 2015

His lack of the conservative persona that many other politicians possess is seen through his light-hearted pokes at the law. In just 140 characters, Norm never fails to put a smile on your face. Or an idea in your head.

REMINDER: Starting Tuesday (July 28) you only need 1 mannequin in the car to use the HOV lane. #Toronto — Norm Kelly (@norm) July 25, 2015

Norm’s unexpected knowledge of popular culture has struck a chord with millennials and… rappers? 

Thanks, @LILBTHEBASEDGOD! Wishing you a good day too!
— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 27, 2015

It’s safe to say he’s Drake’s #1 fan. Nothing prevents Norm from speaking from his mind. A valid quality needed for someone in politics, we’d say. While everyone’s busy being politically correct and trying not to offend anyone, Kelly is front row and center on debates he feels strongly about. He chooses sides openly and proudly, even when it comes to celebrity feuds.

Exhibit A:

You’re no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 22, 2015

Exhibit B: Norms tweets picture of a full battery in response to Drake’s diss track “Charged Up” #teamdrake
— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 26, 2015

And on days when rappers are calm and quiet and you might just need a quick pick-me-up, this Councillor will always be ready to cheer you up.

Is your refrigerator running?

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 26, 2015

What a thought provoking question, Norm.

Because you better go catch it.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 26, 2015

We even share the same taste in fine cuisine. Let’s not forget the time Norm fought for equality after finding out Reese’s Peanut Butter Spread was only available in America.

After months of anguish, Norm took another step into ensuring Toronto is provided with the best service.

It’s been 6 months, @ReesesPBCups. We need answers.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 9, 2015

He sought out to validate the information so we wouldn’t be left heartbroken. 

I’m at a major grocery chain and there’s no Reese’s Spread. You lied to me, @ReesesPBCups.
— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 11, 2015

And with great leadership, comes great success. 

I’ve died and gone to heaven!! Thank you @ReesesPBCups and @HersheyCompany!
— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 13, 2015

Well done, Norm. Well done.

It seems you always have our best interest at heart. Not to mention, you feel the same pain we feel. The empathy, my friends, is real.

Here we are. Monday morning. Drink that coffee.

— Norm Kelly (@norm) July 20, 2015

The man is a man of many hats. He’s your Councillor, he’s your rap enthusiast, he’s your source for the latest happenings, but most importantly, he’s your friend.

Let’s grab coffee, Norm!

Follow Councillor Norm Kelly on Twitter @norm.