There’s a Snickers ad about empowering women that’s actually a bit sexist

Snickers Australia decided to have some fun with the idea of construction workers putting aside cat calls and lewd remarks for empowering statements and encouragement to professional women.

Christopher Hooton at Independent, however, thinks the commercial spot might have sexist undertones.

In the last frame of the advertisement the Snickers tagline “You aren’t you when you’re hungry” shows up, undermining the message that the commercial set out.

“The advert concludes with the slogan ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ however, suggesting that their actions have been those of someone driven crazy by hunger, and leaving a sour (and faintly peanuty) taste in the mouth of the viewer.

Let’s hope those builders get a Snickers in them soon so they can return to their usual lecherous antics eh? Maybe a Yorkie before they start treating everyone like equals!”

While the intention probably wasn’t to come across as sexist, when you take into account that previous ads in this campaign have included obnoxious celebrities acting awful when they don’t have their Snickers it does stand to reason that the nice behaviour of these construction workers might be viewed as another thing to be remedied with a quick snack.

What do you think, is the ad empowering, poorly executed, or sexist in the end?