Weekend Away

We finally got our weekend away and it was just about everything I had hoped for. Mr. Unexpected and I drove up to Peterborough on Friday and spent the weekend eating, exploring, getting frisky in the in-room Jacuzzi and ignoring our cell phones.

Viamede Resort is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Two hours away from the city and right on the lake, we felt like we were in a different world a place that was slower, calmer and more natural than the urban jungle we spend most of our lives in.

We were really disappointed to find out that the spa was closed while we were there but pleasantly surprised when we returned to our room on Saturday afternoon, after a long hike through the woods, to find two massage oil bars wrapped in pretty blue foil sitting beside the Jacuzzi. It was a sexier version of the classic chocolates on the pillows. That evening after a beautiful meal and a couple of glasses of red wine we took full advantage of the massage bars and created our own version of the spa; it was slightly more naked and definitely more fun than what would have been allowed by the Viamede spa staff.

The whole weekend felt like a movie; the private room with a stunning view of the lake, two people in love and food that could convince anyone to break their diet for a weekend.

One of my favourite parts of the weekend, aside from the food, was the drive up and the drive back. I liked having a couple of hours to just talk and be silly. We talked about summer road trips we wanted to take: Montreal, New York and, of course, back to Viamede. Yes, we’ve already planned our return. With the pool, jet skis and the incredible lake in mind we’re set on going back; Mr. Unexpected hasn’t ever been to a cottage and I’d love to rent one for the two of us so he can get the full cottage experience at a resort that we already know we love.

On the way home I Googled Reid’s Dairy, a Kingston girl staple, and found a small ice cream shop in Pickering that serves Reid’s Dairy milkshakes. We stopped for the triple thick milkshakes that were such a wonderful part of my childhood – I loved being able to share that with him.

I wanted this weekend to be the weekend when I said that complicated four-letter word, but it wasn’t. We were in a happy place and as much as I wanted to say it the scenery and the romance put a kind of pressure on it that wouldn’t feel natural to us. In all likelihood the first time I say “I love you” will probably be on the couch while marathoning something ridiculous on Netflix. It won’t be planned, it will fall out of my mouth entirely by accident.