5 craziest tweets from Amanda Bynes from the last three days

While we here in Toronto have been watching a meltdown of our own over at city hall poor Amanda Bynes has been steadily losing it south of the border for quite some time.

The star’s Twitter account has been her outlet for a lot of her rambling and rantings, along with racy, sexy photos of herself, not to mention a blow by blow of a surgery she got for something involving her eyes and/or nose that we’re pretty sure no one ever noticed but her.

The starlet, who isn’t really doing much these days after retiring from acting, was arrested Thursday, May 23, in New York City. The cops were called when people complained that she was allegedly rolling and smoking a joint in the lobby. When the cops went up to her apartment on the 36th floor they reportedly saw a bong on the counter. According to the cops she ran to it and threw it out of the window right in front of them.

She says it was just a vase.

Um. Amanda. you can’t do that either.

Here are five of the combative, odd, and confusing tweets she sent out in the days before her arrest.

“@sonoviva: @jonathanjaxson Here’s those @amandabynes pics from InTouch: i.imgur.com/BUhJ5p7.jpg” I’m suing them! They fucked with my photos!

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) May 23, 2013

This ugly faced woman @jessicafinnnyc is the one who bought fake photos of me & put that picture that looks nothing like me on the cover!

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) May 23, 2013

@jessicafinnnyc hey ugly

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) May 23, 2013

If you’re following the timeline here it would have been a few hours after that last rant that she allegedly chucked a bong streetside from 36 floors up.
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