Trinity Bellwoods Lake? This proposal shows us what it would look like

Now that we’ve all finished drying ourselves off from Toronto’s mini-flood, why not take a moment and extol the virtues of a little flooding?

For Mackenzie Keast, urban planner and member of Toronto based collective Distl, the flooding we saw through the city’s highways and valleys was inspiration for a lake in the middle of west end Trinity Bellwoods Park.

In Keast’s vision, complete with rich renderings, the pit area currently used as a dog park (and colloquially known as the Dog Bowl) would be flooded to create a lake in the centre of the park. The concept is reminiscent of New York City’s Central Park Lake and would add an entirely new dimension to activities and recreation for park goers.

“Aside from restoring one of Toronto’s lost aquatic resources and the wildlife that comes with it, a Trinity Bellwoods lake would redefine this already well-used park into a world-class public space,” says Keast. “Both the fun and beauty of water in an environment like this would take the park to the next level, and would bring people to enjoy the magnificence of the lake for themselves.”

A bird’s eye view of Trinity Bellwoods Park with the proposed lake. Click for full size.

Trinity Bellwoods hasn’t always been water-free. The park was once home to Garrison Creek and Crawford Street was once a bridge across it. The creek has long since been buried and now acts as a part of Toronto’s sewer system — but the underground water supply could possibly ease the creation of a man-made lake.

Although the designers and planners at Distl are quick to admit that this is only a preliminary concept and there would be much more work involved in the planning and execution of a dazzling plan like this, it is still worth noting that this is a remarkably fresh and visionary proposal in a city where development can seem to be constantly mired in politicking and city hall squabbles.

Check out the full gallery of renderings of a possible Trinity Bellwoods Lake by Keast below and let us know what you think.

A lake in Trinity Bellwoods Park could possibly be an outdoor swimming spot, almost certainly for pool hopping hipsters. Click for full size.
The topography of the Dog Bowl lends itself easily to the concept of a small lake. Click for full size.
A lake in Trinity Bellwoods would provide additional activities such as paddle boating. Click for full size.

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