How not to react to a text message breakup after two dates

Quin Woodward Pu is 26, lives in DC, is active on social media, and just got dumped via text message.

Before your heart goes out to this girl — let’s face it, breakups are never easy — let’s take into account what happened here and see if she really does deserve our sympathy or not. (Hint: she doesn’t.) Lucky for us she detailed the entire encounter on her blog and provided screencaps.

It all started two weeks before her 26th birthday when she met a guy at a bar who was “friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk.” A decent start to any fantastic relationship, we’re sure.

After swapping emails (she wouldn’t give out her number) they went for “a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne.” According to Quin they had “good chemistry” but, then again, she takes credit for it with the claim that she has good chemistry with everyone.

They had dinner again, which she called “equally fun” and decided to take the next step and invite him to her birthday party, a close knit event she is holding for her “closest 125 friends.”

Since this guy sadly could not make it to the party he instead invited her on a weekend trip to Virginia wine country, to which she conceded a single day trip out of the city and called it a date.

She then got a text from him which left her surprised and also, as she put it, filled with fury.

Oh no!

Well, hey, life goes on, right? He’s not the right guy for you and at least he broke things of in a very sweet and mature way. He even called her funny, smart, and cool. How could she have felt fury over this?

Lucky for us her immature reaction is forever immortalized in screenshots. Let’s read on.

Wait, what?!

Let’s dissect this.

First off, she manages to hype her cred to no one but herself. Okay, we get it, you were dumped after a couple dates and you want to make yourself feel a little bit better, and maybe rub his nose in what he’s passing up. But he already said you were nice and cool. Arguing how great you are after he already said it just seems bitchy.

Plus she’s obviously screencapping these from an iPhone 4S or earlier. At least upgrade to iOS 7 dude.

Then the bombshell. She .lives in DC, this guy is a government employee, using his work Blackberry to text her, and she just screenshotting their casual date-planning conversation prior to this and sent it to his superiors. Wow.

For someone who is trying to act as if these two dates didn’t matter she is doing a great job of showing that she is bitter as hell.

Then dragging his 9-year-old daughter into the mess? So trashy.

The worst part of is she posted it up on her blog as if she had done something worth being proud of, a sort of you-go-girl moment of victory for women everywhere who have been dumped via text message.

Except this guy comes of as a class act and needless victim and Quin Woodward Pu seems just a little dumped-girl-psycho.

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