The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party elected their interim leader Friday — Victor Fedeli, MPP for Nipissing, former mayor of North Bay, and the party’s finance critic.

The choice is a bit disappointing.

When former leader Patrick Brown resigned, Women’s Post called for the Ontario PC party to elect a woman to replace him.  The publisher recommended Christine Elliott, Caroline Mulroney, or Jennifer Keesmaat — three capable women with vast experience in politics.

Instead, the party chose a 61-year-old white man. Can you see why I’m disappointed? The party had a real opportunity to change, to make the face of the PC party one that doesn’t make Ontarians think of an old patriarchal political system. It also would have marked one of the first time all three party leaders were female, a milestone that would have been celebrated by the media.

Of course, Fedeli is only interim leader. The PC party still has an opportunity to make the right decision and elect someone who will unite Ontarians and work towards creating a more equal, just society representative of the diverse citizenry within it. But with an election approaching in the next six months, will there be enough time to unify this province?

It’s unclear whether or not Fedeli will remain interim leader until the June 6th election. Either way, I’m not sure the PCs have much of a chance come election day.


Katherine DeClerq is a contributor to Women's Post. Her previous writing experience includes the Toronto Star, Maclean's Magazine, CTVNews, and BlogTO. She can often be found at a coffee shop with her MacBook computer. Despite what CP says, she is a fan of the Oxford comma.


  1. 61 Year old “White Man”? I cannot see why your disappointed. I can see your racist. I believe that age, color of skin, or gender should not matter.

  2. What a disappointment it would have been had they not elected their interim leader — Victor Fedeli. Perhaps with some research you would agree that Victor Fedeli is perfectly suited for this position.
    The reasoning behind your disappointment as stated above by Shane are completely prejudice.

  3. I do not know this man but I agree it would have been great for the PC Party to wake up and bring fresh, diverse blood to its leadership after the fall out. The females you reference are household names. I’m hoping to see a strong female leader permanently as the leader. We all need to get more involved in politics to make lasting change. You are not racist or ageist by posting this, you are simply stating its time for a change.

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